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Space Art

A difficulty of showing any "art" on the web is that different folks are seeing the same images on a wide range of display devices, graphics adapters, and viewing conditions. But you are relatively atuned to how things look on your setup, so we hope for the best. Under a nominally good situation, the samples below are subtle and quite realistic. Enjoy. If you are a 3D modeler and would like to share your creations with us, we would be glad to include your art on our web site— with attribution, and even if it doesn't use ARC materials. We must of course reserve the judging right, but we would love to have all the "best stuff" represented on our site.




Sample Animations


BBC Millennium Fly-In

This space flight by the Moon, around the world, and into Greenwich, England, was created by ARC for the BBC's Millennium Special TV program, which was broadcast in HDTV format. To shorten download time, the movie has been made small, shorten, and sped up.

Click on image— Warning: 7.9 MByte download Alternately


150 Million Years of Paleo-Animation

From ARC's 600 million year (my) plate tectonic animation. This 150 my to present Quicktime movie is presented here as a small Mollweide 2D map projection.

Click on image— Warning: 4.5 MByte download Alternately



Other Installations


American Museum of Natural History – NYC

ARC's Dynamic Earth exhibit projects the Earth on an 8' overhead hemispherical screen in the new Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth. As it rotates, clouds and vegetation disappear, and seas recede to expose the ocean basins. (Additional ARC imagery is used in the Hall as well).


Millennium Dome Globe – London

12m (40') diameter cloudy earth inflated globe for British Airways mounted on 80' mast. In addition to providing the very detailed and realistic image, ARC worked out the special color corrections for the difficult printing on fiberglass fabric.


Indiana State Museum - Indianapolis, IN

First OmniGlobe installation, May, 2002. 80" screen with single UXGA projection. Animation features the last 600 million years of Earth's plate tectonic evolution.


The Challenger Center, Washington, D.C.

ARC created most of the planet views for Voyage: A Journey Through The Solar System, which is a 650m scale model of the solar system along the mall (next to the Smithsonian Museum) at a scale of one ten-billionth. Each planet has an informational kiosk with graphics at its scaled location.





Face of the Earth™ Art Print

This generous art print 300 dpi detail features three 16.6" globes and a panorama of western North America. The globes have approximately 5-km detail, and the panorama has the full 1-km resolution. This unique portrait of our planet radiates with natural beauty. A separate key diagram included labels numerous physical features and shows political borders.Size: 40"×27" Price: $25.00 (unlaminated) $35.00 (laminated)


NIGHTFALL — Sunset in the Rockies

A grand space view taking in all the USA and northern Mexico, unobscured by clouds. This very popular print, with the sun setting in Colorado, and the eastern half of the country abaze with city lights, is a stunning visualization with great detail. Size 36"×24". Price $15.00


DAYBREAK — Sunrise in the Rockies

Again showing bias towards our region, Daybreak stands beautifully alone, or as a companion to Nightfall. With the sun rising in Colorado, the great but sparse cities of the west blaze as beacons. Great detail. Size: 36"×24". Price $15.00


Face of the Earth

The land in this full planet portrait is printed in accurate earth tones, with bathymetry (depth) and greenish phytoplankton appearing in the oceans. The poster is a reference work in its own right for physical geography, showing detail down to about 5-km resolution. Size: 36"×24". Price $15.00


THE NEW WORLD — GOES Clouds over the Face of the Earth

Not since Apollo 17, the last mission to the moon, has the whole disk of the earth been photographed. We have come close to such a privileged view by combining a high resolution GOES cloud image with Face of the Earth™. The NOAA's GOES-8 (Geostationary-Orbiting Environmental Satellite) image is from August 2, 1996. Size: 24"×32". Price $15.00


Baja California – Wall Art Photoprint

This has been a very popular view on the West Coast. It has been printed as an exclusive poster for the San Diego Museum of Natural History. We also have had many requests for the image in photographic form, which is what we are offering here. Reproduced with a Lamda printer on high quality matte-finish photo paper. Size 32"×24". $175.00



Poster/Art Print Ordering Information

Call ARC at 800-759-1642 or e-mail ARC Science to order poster and prints. The above prices do not include postage and handling. A discount is available for multiple poster and prints. Inquire.