Our Clients Say it Best
  • The OmniGlobe is our Planetarium’s satellite, like Earth’s moon. I pass by it on my way to and from work and often witness an undergraduate exploring the planets whilst waiting for class or a 14 year-old campus visitor confidently demonstrating her knowledge of ocean currents to her 11 year old brother. It’s impossible to measure the impact on STEM recruitment, but I’ve no doubt it’s significant.–Dr. Declan G. De Paor, Professor of Geophysics and Director of the Pretlow Planetarium, Old Dominion University

  • The OmniGlobe has been a great success in our museum and department. The Globe is open to the public during the week and is available for private tour bookings through the Pacific Museum of Earth. We’ve run approximately 50 OmniGlobe tours since the installation in the spring 2013. Several of the faculty in our department have utilized the Globe during class time to show data related to, for example, natural disasters, ocean circulation, and sea ice coverage. Visitors of all ages enjoy playing with the Globe and we are currently working to develop classroom activities specifically designed around utilizing the OmniGlobe.–Kirsten Hodge, Ph.D., Curator, Pacific Museum of Earth, The University of British Columbia

  • The OmniGlobe has been a valuable addition to our science studio experience. The OmniGlobe allows us to track and playback significant weather events like a recent 10 foot lake effect snow fall which paralyzed western New York. Visitors to our museum interact with our OmniGlobe to see for themselves using real-time data how events like tsunamis and lake effect snow form and dissipate.–David Cinquino, Exhibits Director, Buffalo Museum of Science

  • The OmniGlobe is one of the exciting highlights of The Mind Museum. It sits at the doorstep of our Earth Gallery. Kids and adults alike gravitate to it as soon as they enter the museum and get glued on the many things that they can do with it. The Mind Museum has a strong preference to have exhibits originally designed and locally made by Filipino artists but the OmniGlobe is an exception that is undoubtedly worth it.–Maria Isabel Garcia, Curator, The Mind Museum, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Metro Manila, Philippines

OmniGlobe is now available and manufactured by Globocess

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