ARC Science Simulations was incorporated in 1981 as Applied Research & Consulting by Thomas Ligon and is located in beautiful Loveland, Colorado. In 1989 the business was redirected towards science software with the release of Dance of the Planets® (affectionately known by thousands as Dance). After many good Dance years with regular updates, a decision was made to pursue Earth-from-space visualization products which led to the creation of the Face of the Earth™ cloudless earth image released in 1995. This subsequently led to museum and other exhibit projects, and then the invention and development of the OmniGlobe® in 2000-2001, with the  first self-contained spherical digital display installed in 2002.

Right, ARC Science’s Face of the Earth™ (with clouds) on very large globe in the Millennium Dome, London, 2000.

The hallmark of ARC Science Simulations has been and remains a tight adherence to high aesthetic quality and good science. To the extent possible, our imagery and visualization creations present a picture that is well informed, interesting, and attractive.

MillenDome Globe