This was ARC’s first major OmniGlobe content production, and is available as an interactive animation or as a continuously running movie. This fascinating, detailed sequence shows the earth’s surface driven by plate tectonics evolving through the last 600 million years. ARC created the time-lapse images from original paleo-geographic art by geologist/artist Dr. Ronald Blakey at the University of Northern Arizona, with plate positions based primarily on the work of C. R. Scotese, PaleoMap Project. ARC can customize the animation with running year labels.

The Paleo-Animation looks fantastic on the OmniGlobe. Seeing it on a flat screen is one thing but seeing it on a sphere really brings it to life and enhances its educational value. Several museums have purchased the OmniGlobe specifically for the Paleo-Animation.

From ARC’s 600 million year (my) plate tectonic animation. This 300 my to present movie is presented here as a small Mollweide 2D map projection.