The OmniGlobe has been developed at ARC Science from the ground up to provide the very best spherical display solution. Our patents include our reflective dispersion optics, the coupling of two HD projectors for the highest possible resolution, and our EC (Enhanced Contrast) screen technology to achieve exceptional image contrast.


Note: Shadow at top due to disperser is generally too high to see. The installation photos on the web site have not been altered to hide the shadow.

Dual High Definition Projection

ARC Science’s reflective dispersion optics readily lends itself to combining two wide format projectors for a much larger, brighter, and higher resolution globe image than is available from any single projector. Our first dual projector system was installed in 2006, and we have focused on dual systems ever since. The graphic below illustrates the great benefit of dual projectors.


3rd Generation Dual Projection Engine

New LCOS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon) projectors with Laser illumination provide an ideal optical match with ARC’s reflective optics for sharper detail and more brilliant colors. The Laser light engines are rated for 20,000 hours of operation, and even more in economy mode. No lamps changes! The highly stable integrated design also allows a more compact base for the 60″ and new 48″ globes.


Technology Advantages Summary

    • Image Dispersal Using Patented Convex Mirror with Internal Single or Dual HiRes Projectors. Projected light is much brighter and more efficient than is possible for fisheye-based globes.
    • Matte Finish Screen for Natural Appearance— No Room Reflections, Easy to Clean Surface, Doesn’t show fingerprints.
    • Proprietary Screen Treatment for Large Contrast Enhancement.